Classic Manicure                      
 Shellac Gel Manicure                
 Deluxe Manicure                      

Spa Pedicure

 Classic Spa Pedicure/liner          
 Shiny Spa Special/liner              
 Deluxe Spa Pedicure/liner          
 Combo Regular Manicure and Pedicure/liner  

Kid's Care Ten or Under


Polish Change

 Polish Change - Hands           
 Polish Change - Feet                   
 French Polish Change – Hands  
 French Polish Change- Toes      

Full Set

 Acrylic Clear Tip                        
 Acrylic White Tip                       
 Pink and White Powder             
 Color Powder                            
 Silk Wrap                                  


 Clear Tip                           
 Pink and White B/fill                  
 Cut Down                                

 Acrylic Nails Soaked Off

 without New Set                       
 with Manicure                           

Additional Nail Care

 Nail Repair                           
 Nail Art                                     
 Natural Buff Shine                      
 Gel Coating Shine                      
 Callus Removal                           
 Cucumber Heel                          
 Sugar Scrub                              
 Sea Salt                                    
 Marine Mask                             


 Upper Lip or Chin                       
 Eyebrows, Lip and Chin             
 Face Wax                              
 Eyebrows and Lip                   
 Full Leg / Half Leg             
 Full Arm / Half Arm             
 Under Arms